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Minneapolis St. Paul Living

Minneapolis and adjoining St. Paul form the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, the largest urban area in the Midwest after Chicago and Detroit. Downtown Minneapolis is on the west bank of the Mississippi River, and the city layout is on the traditional grid system, with deviations around the river, and the city's lakes, creeks, and many parks.

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About 350,000 people live in Minneapolis, and the Twin Cities metropolitan area totals around 3.2 million people. Part of the population growth has been from migration within the US including many Native Americans, and part is immigration from overseas. There are large populations from Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Somalia, Mexico, and Latin America.

Many corporate headquarters are based here, and industries like banking, retail, medical technology, health care, and computer technology are all important to the local economy. Minneapolis has an impressive array of cultural offerings that might remind you of one of the country’s coastal mega-cities. But it’s still the Midwest. The Mall of America is part of the fabric of the Minneapolis area. And if you’re looking to stretch your legs in the winter months you can always join the mall walkers. The city is livable and the people are friendly. Volunteerism rates are high and the city has welcomed a large number of refugee families. If you’re looking for an urban experience with heart, moving to Minneapolis might be a great fit.

Minneapolis residents like to stay fit and enjoy the great outdoors. Luckily, green space is abundant in the city’s many parks. Picnics are a popular form of recreation in the city, and you can even reserve a picnic spot in a city park if you’re planning a big party. You might be tempted to buy a boat because so much of the city’s recreation centers around the lakes and the Mississippi River. Kayaks and boats rule during the summer.

There’s a bike share program for the warmer months. The Nice Ride program offers bike sharing in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Hopping on a bike can be a great way to explore Minneapolis. The Nice Ride mobile app can help you find bikes to use, and some area employers offer discounted Nice Ride memberships as an employee perk and to encourage fitness in the workforce.

Coffee is huge in Minneapolis. Hipsters shouldn’t have any trouble finding a Minneapolis coffee shop to meet their requirements, but in Minneapolis good coffee isn’t just a niche concern. It’s a way of life. Prefer beer to coffee? There are plenty of great breweries in Minneapolis, too.

Minneapolis winters can be harsh. It’s so cold the ice on the lakes get thick enough to accommodate ice fishing. Take advantage of the city’s famous Skyway System. It’s a network of sky bridges between buildings that are particularly useful when the snow and freezing temperatures make walking outside an unappealing option. The Skyway System is approaching nine miles in length and is getting more attention as the city’s downtown population grows.

Minneapolis has given birth to some serious talent. You probably think Prince when you think about Minneapolis talent, but the Coen brothers hail from Minneapolis, too, as does Vince Vaughn. Plus, Target started in Minneapolis and still has its headquarters in the city.

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Time and Distance from LAKEHAUS

 Parks and Recreation Drive Distance
Lake Calhoun Park 3 min 1.0 mi
Cedar Lake Park 4 min 1.5 mi
Kenwood Park 6 min 1.6 mi
William Berry Park 5 min 1.7 mi
Lake of the Isles 5 min 1.8 mi


 Commuter Rail Drive Distance
Target Field Station 11 min 4.6 mi


 Shopping Centers Walking Distance Walk Distance
Calhoun Village 5 min 0.2 mi
Strip Center at 3100 Excelsior Blvd 7 min 0.3 mi
Calhoun Commons 8 min 0.4 mi


Shopping Centers & Malls Drive Distance
Uptown Square - Minneapolis, MN (Shopping Center) 3 min 1.2 mi
1010 - Minneapolis, MN (Shopping Center) 4 min 1.3 mi
Laurel Village - Minneapolis, MN (Shopping Center) 8 min 2.6 mi
Market Place West - Minneapolis, MN (Shopping Center) 9 min 3.0 mi
Minneapolis City Center - Minneapolis, MN (Shopping Center) 9 min 3.0 mi
Hawthorn Crossing - Minneapolis, MN (Shopping Center) 11 min 3.7 mi
Broadway Shopping Center - Minneapolis, MN (Shopping Center) 11 min 3.7 mi
Minnehaha Center - Minneapolis, MN (Shopping Center) 12 min 3.9 mi
The Quarry - Minneapolis, MN (Shopping Center) 17 min 5.7 mi
Stinson Marketplace - Minneapolis, MN (Shopping Center) 18 min 6.0 mi


 Colleges Drive Distance
University of Minnesota 17 min 5.6 mi
Minneapolis Community and Technical College 9 min 3.4 mi
North Central University 11 min 4.3 mi
Augsburg College 12 min 5.6 mi


Military Base Drive Distance
Fort Snelling Military Reservation 22 min 9.0 mi


Airport Drive Distance
Minneapolis–Saint Paul International 24 min 15.5 mi




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