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Minneapolis St. Paul Education and Politics

Minneapolis St. Paul has one of the best educated and most literate populations in the country. It is home to the largest campus of the University of Minnesota, a highly regarded public university, as well as Augsburg College, a private liberal arts college.

The best schools in the area - considering only test scores - are in the suburbs - and many parents in Minneapolis St. Paul send their children to private schools in and around Minneapolis St. Paul or schools in other school districts. The problems that beset all urban areas affect do some of Minneapolis St. Paul' city schools too, but there are also many good schools in the city where students score well academically.

Minneapolis St. Paul usually votes for Democrats. Minneapolis and the Twin Cities metropolitan area traditionally votes for liberal, progressive politicians, but there are plenty of conservative areas for Republican folks, mainly in the southwestern corner of the city, to feel at home in. Minneapolis city government follows the trend with the mayor, Jacob Frey, being a member of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, affiliated with the national Democratic Party. Minneapolis’ city website is useful and well organized, and the city of Minneapolis has supported projects like the use of solar energy in the city, and their initially troubled, but now mostly functional municipal wi-fi system.




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