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Minneapolis St. Paul Climate

The winter in Minneapolis St. Paul might be long, but the summer is too. The weather in Minneapolis St. Paul goes as follows: five months of summer, one month of fall, five months of winter, one month of spring. The summer is warm, humid, interspersed with thunderstorms and tornado warnings (and the occasional actual tornado) but generally pleasant. Spring and fall are brief but lovely.

climate in minneapolis

Winter is long and cold. Winter starts around mid-November and isn't done until late April. Minneapolis St. Paul is one of the coldest metropolitan areas in the continental United States, the temperature rarely rises above freezing all winter, several feet of snowfall, days below zero degrees are frequent, and when the wind blows the windchill factor can often be -40F. We all survive it and you will too. The right attitude, the right supplies, and finding your own way to have fun in or out of the snow will get you through the winter and you might even enjoy it.




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