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Mindfulness is Your Path to Joy and Happiness

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Mindfulness refers to the activity of paying attention on purpose, in a particular way, with present moment awareness and nonjudgement. By intentionally practicing mindfulness, deliberately paying more careful attention, moment-to-moment, individuals can live more fully and less on auto pilot.

The mind and body are intimately connected. Thoughts, emotions, stress all have a great impact on health and illness. Mindfulness is one of a variety of self-regulatory practices which individuals can learn to do for themselves to promote their own physical and mental health well-being. The ability to be more mindful in each situation can help break the destructive habitual reactions to stress.

Transformation occurs through understanding, understanding occurs through awareness. Mindfulness based therapy teaches one to remain open through painful or unpleasant experience and see the present moment exactly as it is. As we actually sit with the difficult experience, we discover that what is inherent in us is the ability to be composed, unshakable. As we sit with this experience more and more we can feel the depths of our own state of balance.

Because much of life stress stems from worrying about past or future events, present focused training is a powerful method by which to handle discomfort caused by unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Consumers increasingly see their health and wellness practices as a means of nourishing a complex ecosystem of healthy habits. This ecosystem includes healthy habits such as:

  • Getting enough restful sleep that's high quality and rejuvenating
  • Good food that's real, fresh and varied
  • Physical movement that's frequent, energizing and strengthening
  • Supportive healthcare that might be regular, holistic and thoughtful
  • Social engagement that's meaningful, warming, supportive
  • Mental practices that are mindful, stabilizing and enlightening
  • In keeping with their holistic vision of health and wellness, today’s consumers are more likely than in the past to view healthy habits as less about dealing with an acute problem or looking good and more about overall mindset.

Mindfulness practices have the power to measurably alter brain structure and may help decrease stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression; mitigate the suffering of those with chronic pain and inflammatory bowel disease; and increase well-being and quality of life.

Mindful eating can help you enjoy your food more (while eating less). Mindfulness walks can control a racing mind.


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