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Mindfulness and Wellness in a High-Tech World

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Thanks to technology, humanity is now experiencing the biggest surge in innovation it has ever seen. Collectively we can now reach billions of people, communicate ideas worldwide instantly, and access more knowledge than ever before. Fast paced development, increasing reliance on technology and reduced meaningful personal interaction can make it harder to attain balance and a high quality of life.

We love technology. In fact, we love it so much, we don’t always realize the sacrifices we are making for the sake of our technology. We make sacrifices in physical movement, in our relationships, in our attention, in our time, in our sleep, in our connection to nature. Someday, we might eventually just completely forsake our non-digital humanity and go into straight the cloud. We would just become part of the machine.

How do we help humanity thrive in the age of technology? We need to balance mindful consumption of technology with holding sacred our non-digital humanity. Find non-digital activities, completely losing oneself in the love of what we are doing so we never think about looking at a device. Nature, lakes, face-to-face interactions, sports, travel. So many non-digital experiences.

Mindfulness is basically our ability to observe and potentially alter the automatic programs that we have inherited from previous generations. We need to create technology that is an ally in developing humanity in a way that brings wellness to everything that we do. Here are some approached

  • Be mindful of your habits. Minor decisions we make in our daily lives, when compounded over time become the driving forces of our destiny. Observe your behavior and your choices every single day, and whenever you find something that doesn´t align with your greater purpose in life, or is holding you back, eliminate it.
  • Build on your existing success. What good is achieving a certain milestone if your mind is driving you immediately towards the next goal on your list? Take some time to savor minor triumphs and use them willingly, as building blocks for bigger breakthroughs. Motivate yourself by remembering the choices and behavioral patterns that led you to success in the past and acknowledging that you can leverage them at will in the future.
  • Nourish your body and your mind every day. Food is the best medicine Nourish your body with healthy and delicious foods and beverages that provide essential nutrients. Try superfood whole plant smoothies, juices & tonics to provide your body with an instant upgrade. Feel your body start to lift out of the numbing grip of processed foods and begin to rediscover their raw, natural energy flow and vitality. Feed your mind as well, guard it from any thoughts that discourage you or make you feel down. Pick up books that will keep you growing and learning, listen to inspiring audiotapes or podcasts.

Always keep good company. You can´t feel good if people around you are constantly complaining, being negative and holding you back. You don´t have to be available for everyone at any given time.


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