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Living in Uptown Minneapolis

If you're looking for trendy shops, nightlife and outdoor recreation, LAKEHAUS, in Minneapolis' Uptown neighborhood, is the place to be. About a mile south of downtown Minneapolis, Uptown is where fashionable residents live, work, and play. Here you'll find a high concentration of million-dollar homes, stores, bars, and restaurants. Right on your doorstep is beautiful Bde Mka Ska (Lake Calhoun), a boon to runners, windsurfers, cyclists, kayakers and fit people in general.

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Uptown isn't an official neighborhood of Minneapolis, rather it's the name used for the fashionable part of town centered around the Uptown Theater at the intersection of Hennepin Avenue and Lake Street. Uptown has proven to be a popular destination for those seeking retail, nightlife, and cultural events, and the district was famously written about by recording artist Prince. The borders of Uptown are not defined but are usually agreed to be Lake Calhoun to the west and Dupont Avenue to the east. The north and south borders are debatable, but Uptown proper is usually between 31st Avenue to the south and somewhere around 26th Street to the north.

Lake Harriet, Lake of the Isles, and Cedar Lake right in the neighborhood, making Uptown’s tree-lined streets both welcoming and walkable, where the blues meet the greens. Uptown is a richly diverse urban oasis reflecting the attitudes, landscapes, and spirit of a truly interesting and layered community. It is home to Calhoun Square, the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and Walker Art Center, the City of Lakes Loppet, cross-country ski festival, the North Star Bicycle Festival, and the Uptown Art Fair, which attracts as many as 375,000 people during the first full weekend in August.

Uptown Minneapolis is home to a mix of upscale young at heart professionals and college students drawn to its nightlife and fashionable shops. There are plenty of hipsters and couples and older professionals like Uptown, too, for its proximity to the lakes, walkability, and attractive housing. Families also live here for amenities such as the Uptown library, local schools, and the lakes and parkland.


Uptown Minneapolis' nightlife is centered on the intersection of Hennepin Avenue and Lake Street. Bars such as Chino Latino and the Uptown Bar attract all the beautiful people, and restaurants such as Barbette, Chiang Mai Thai, and Namaste Cafe offer American and international cuisine.

Uptown's more than 20 bars within a three-block radius draw people from across the metro area to revel in the district. Uptown seems to draw a slightly older and more sophisticated clientele compared to the Warehouse District. Uptown annually hosts the Uptown Art Fair, during the first full weekend of August. Local, national, and world artists converge to exhibit and sell their fine art. Uptown Minneapolis has several restaurants, bars, retail and entertainment for everyone to enjoy:

  • Chino Latino
  • Giordano's
  • Libertine
  • The Lowry
  • Nico's Taco & Tequila Bar
  • Red Rabbit
  • Namaste Cafe
  • The Fremont
  • Roat Osha
  • Sushi Tango
  • Stella's Fish Cafe
  • Uptown Tavern & Rooftop
  • Williams Pub & Peanut Bar
  • Cowboy Slim's

Shop till You Drop

Hipsters who shop at chain stores will find two staples in Uptown: American Apparel and Urban Outfitters. The Hennepin–Lake intersection also has stylish homeware stores, fashion and beauty shops, and spas. On Lake Street, upmarket food retailer Lund's has a supermarket. Some favorites to explore:

Book Stores

  • Magers & Quinn Booksellers
  • Comic Book College
  • Fifth Elements


  • Apple Retail Store
  • Arcteryx
  • Ragstock
  • Urban Outfitters
  • The North Face
  • Via's Vintage
  • H&M

Music Stores

  • Encore Music
  • Twin town guitars
  • Tree house records
  • Community action


Minneapolis' lakes have been used for recreation for more than a century. Uptown's Bde Mka Ska (Lake Calhoun) is where visitors go for a stroll after dinner and where residents go for their daily morning run. Bde Mka Ska also has two beaches, and the parkland around the lake is a favorite of sunbathers. In the summer, Bde Mka Ska is popular for windsurfing and kayaking. In the winter, snow-kiters use parachutes to snowboard across the lake.

Vibrant History

The area around Bde Maka Ska (Lake Calhoun), Lake Harriet, Cedar Lake and Lake of the Isles first became popular in the 1880s as vacation cottages, hotels, and boating recreation, accessible by streetcar. A retail renaissance occurred in the 1980s when Calhoun Square was developed. Uptown became known as a vibrant center for artists and musicians, a center for counterculture, and hippies, similar to the East Village in Manhattan.

Uptown today is a mix of various cultural trends and is considered an area for young people to live and shop – more gentrified and less bohemian. The area has a vast variety of a variety of ethnic food and grocery stores from Asian to Mexican to middle eastern.


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