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Live a Creative Life in Minneapolis St. Paul

Being creative and productive can make your golden years more enjoyable. Music, painting and writing can help people live longer and stay mentally sharp as they reach their senior years. Want to live a little longer? Or remain mentally sharp as you hit your golden years? Perhaps you should paint some landscapes. Or maybe take up playing the piano. Turns out being creative might make your life more enjoyable.

creative life in minneapolis

The human brain is designed to grow and change throughout a person’s life. Your creativity may get better with age and may ward off disease and cognitive decline. It’s like exercising your mental muscle. The more you exercise your brain, the more you build new connections and new neural networks. Creativity goes beyond visual arts, to include anything from gardening, to dancing, to going to the ballet, to creating a piece of art, to listening to music. These are all therapeutic tools.

LAKEHAUS is the perfect combination of urban sophistication and lakeside adventure. Where exhilaration meets relaxation. Where style meets comfort. Where indulgence meets wellness. Where sunshine, nature and water nourish a unique lifestyle. Where art and life converge. A carefree lifestyle where maintenance, cleaning, landscaping and pampering are all included.

You get it all. The bright lights of the big city combined with the quiet calm of a waterfront retreat. Urban excitement and the peace and quiet of a Lakeside cabin. Big city paychecks and the nature-filled lifestyle filled with birdsong and splashing around in a lake. Enjoy the outdoors; take advantage of fine arts and theater; Float on the water by day and enjoy high-class dining and nightlife when the sun goes down.

The main thing that invites creativity into your life is taking risks. Develop a passion and fire that will run deep through your veins, your blood. Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you're passionate about something, then you're more willing to take risks. Even taking a risk is a creative act. You’re doing something. You’re imagining. You’re thinking about something. You’re thinking outside the experience you’re in and wondering what a new experience could be. And that is creativity.

creative life minneapolis

Baby boomers are intelligent, creative, and social people. Within this group there are different tastes and cultural reference points, but they all benefit from tapping into their creative capacity and they have fun doing it. Express yourself through your art. Share your knowledge, share your story, articulate all the things that have happened to you in your life and be authentic.

Creating: Writing, drawing, painting, singing, playing music. Or, it might be inventing something, building a business, coming up with a clever marketing campaign, forming a non-profit.

Relating: It’s not “family” that makes life worth living, rather the relationships we create with members of our family, and the way we maintain and build those relationships. Same goes for friends, lovers, business partners, students, pets and everyone else.

Helping: Being able to lend a hand to people in need – however drastic or trivial that need may be – is an important part of life.

Realizing: Making it happen, working towards and achieving goals, no matter what those goals are.

Playing: Letting go of restraints, imagining new possibilities, testing yourself against others or against yourself, finding humor and joy.

Growing: Learning new things, improving knowledge and ability in the things already learned.

Most people experience increased peace and happiness as they get older. With the passage of time, they gain perspective. They bring more joy and happiness into their life. They let go of the complications, learn to set limits and care for their bodies. They realize life is too short to sweat the small stuff. The times that truly matter are the joyful moments we spend with those we love.




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